I have been working in different capacities in the counseling field since 2004. My specialty is anxiety and I love it.  

I hold Masters degrees in both Business and Clinical Social Work from Washington University in St Louis and I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the state of California. My work is inspired by many different theories and practices of psychotherapy including psychodynamic theories and behavioral therapy. I also draw on my own personal experiences.  

I am specially trained in Cognitive Behavioral Exposure and Response Prevention Therapy which has been proven to help people with anxiety disorders.  CBT Exposure and Response Training works because it focuses on clients directly facing their fears. It is a gradual process that works at the pace of the client.  It works because clients gradually work up the ability to tolerate the distress that comes with the fear.  

Outside my work, I appreciate and find nourishment from my family, friends and pets.  I am also sustained through numerous mentors and teachers who have supported me as a therapist.  Having been in therapy myself, I know that it is a vulnerable and scary experience.  I strive to make the therapeutic experience safe and supportive for my clients so that they can achieve their goals.